Monday, June 30, 2008

15 Month Check Up

Today we went to the doctor for Ethan's 15 month check up! Four shots and one nurse later, we were out of there....poor guy!! I hate when there is only one nurse! Anyways we are finally WAY onto the charts. The doctor walked in today and said, "Wow he's sure figured out the eating thing!" The last six months have done some good. I had to laugh because Ethan has always wanted to eat, it's just keeping it down that was the hard part. Anyways we are now in the 30% in weight!! He was a good solid 23lbs. Yeah!!! And then 50% in both height and head! The doctor couldn't believe the changes!! It was so good to have the doctor not be concerned about his size any more!

I had to post these two pictures. I thought his face was so cute. He loves the squirt bottle. He sucks all the water out of it every time I fill it up. His favorite though is when we squirt it in, apparently that is way more fun then just sucking it out. Then last night he wouldn't take Kurt's hat off. Just walked around like this. I thought it was too cute! He's always got to have something in his mouth. Some kind of drink or food, or whatever else he can find!!

Sorry if most of you are sick of me posting about Ethan...all of the pictures are usually of him, but before I got into the whole blogging thing, Brandi Hess told me I could print it, and my sister has told me all about the books that you can put them into at So this is kind of like a journal in some of way. I guess you will just have to live with all my posts of my cute boy!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Favorite Parts of the Day...

Breakfast Time!
Breakfast is definitely the favorite meal time....maybe because sometimes we eat chocolate chip pancakes. I love em, and now Ethan loves them. Every morning he can't wait to get in his high chair and see what's for breakfast, the entire time yelling "mmmmmm" at the top of his lungs. For some reason I love taking pictures of him early in the morning with his hair every where and food all over his face. These are two of my favorites. How can you not love a face that can look so cute, and!?

Bath Time!!
Bath time is Ethan's other favorite part of the day. He loves it! He knows when we talk about getting him in the bath. He takes of running into our bathroom and screams and giggles his little chipmunk giggle until he gets to get in. The other night Kurt went and ran him some bath water, and of course he started freaking out. Well apparently we weren't fast enough for Ethan. He wanted to get in so bad he started throwing some type of tantrum. Kurt tried to get him to walk out of the bathroom and he started stomping his feet and throwing himself on the floor. It was pretty funny since we've never really seen him get that mad before. I guess it's a good thing that he loves it so much. Plus you got to love the wet hair and the long eye lashes. Why is it that boys always get the long curly ones?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Happy Birthday Kristin!

I just had to write a little something about my amazing sister. Not only is she my big sister but she's the true meaning of a best friend. She has always been there for me, no matter what the issue or excitement might be. She takes my constant phone calls, whether it's just to talk, get advice, or solve a problem. She's a genuine person both inside and out. She's been an amazing example to me through out my life and I just wanted to express to her how much I love her! Thanks for letting me hang out with you when I was little, getting me into the DMV on my birthday, dancing and making me laugh while I was in labor, and all the other fun memories we've had together. Even though we are seven years apart, it feels much shorter then that. Kris you are truly one of my best friends and life would never be the same without my big sister. Thank you for setting such an amazing example to me and for being such a constant in my life! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I love ya!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

And He Is Walking...

Well Ethan is officially walking. He's been doing it for about the last two weeks, but now he just takes off with no fear. We took him outside the other day to walk with his little lawn mower my brother and his wife got him for his birthday. It was pretty funny to see him think he was so cool, yet so deep in thought while he was pushing it. The faces he pulls kill me! Anyways I had to document that he is finally walking and I love it!but then.....he decides to get lazy! For some reason he doesn't like to walk on the grass or concrete. I love how when his mind is made up, it's made up, and he's going to do whatever he wants. So here he is at his best....being stubborn. We've also been swimming at my mom and dads a lot this week. The weather has been so hot, and I guess I can't complain since it's finally starting to feel like summer. Ethan is loving the water, so no complaints there. Even better is the three hour nap he takes when we get home! I love the summer time!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day

So this year I wanted to get up, let Kurt sleep in, make breakfast, and just make it a good day for him. Instead I woke up with a pounding migraine and so Kurt was the one that got up and did all that. Sorry babe!! It's been so much fun this last year watching Kurt be a dad. I think he loves this role in life more then anything else. He can't wait to get up in the morning to see Ethan, and then can't wait to get home to play with him. He never needs a break and is always so good to both Ethan and I. I've got the best husband and the best dad for Ethan I could ever ask for. It's amazing that a little over a year ago we weren't even parents yet, and last year we only had a two month old, so parenting really hadn't hit yet! He never complains about anything and is always there to help. He never once complained about getting up in the middle of the night, every night, to make him a bottle, the constant throw up we were dealing with, the messy diapers, and just the whole reality of being a parent. Even though we at times have our differences he never judges me. I Just wanted to express how much I love ya babe! I could never have dreamed of having someone who treats me so good! I love you so much! You really are my other half, I couldn't imagine life without you!
Kurt and I both have amazing dads who we appreciate and love so much. Russ we sure appreciate all that you do, and I'm so glad that Kurt has such a great example to look up to! I know he is who he is today because of you and Lynette. Thanks for being such a great Grandpa, Ethan loves you so much!

And then there is just something about a little girl and her dad. I've always had a great relationship with my dad and love him so much. He is the most patient and caring man I've ever met. He is such an amazing example. I love you dad!! You are one of my hero's. Thanks for being the Grandpa that you are, Ethan loves all the treats and especially the desk drawer. I searched for a picture of my dad and I together and was sad that I don't have many. Luckily my sister had this one of us when we were in Hawaii this last April enjoying the fresh squeezed pineapple juice.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Boating Season Is Here!

Finally the long awaited summer is here....hopefully! We took advantage of the nice weather this morning and hit the lake for a couple of hours. We've been wanting to get out and test the new tower we just put on. Kurt's mom and twin brother's came along for the fun. It wasn't much of a trip, we just hit Utah lake since Kurt had to be up at the Parade of Homes again (today's his last day...Yeah!!), but we still got some fun pictures. This was also a test to see how Ethan was with his life jacket, and he did great! It was pretty funny. Here are a few fun pictures. The twins did the wakeboard and Kurt got out on his ski. Can't wait for our boating adventures this summer!!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Do You Think He's Hungry??

I swear all Ethan does is eat! It gets annoying at times, like during church, but I wouldn't trade it for anything. After being so small for so long, I love that he's fat and chunky! After his eye surgery at six months he has been like a constant balloon that just keeps getting bigger. I had to post this picture, it's just too funny! He's always on the look out for anyone or anything with food!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Buddies

My two best friends from high school were able to come over for lunch this past Friday. One of them lives in Colorado and was in town for the weekend. We were inseparable during high school and did everything together, but it's funny how you move away, get married, have kids, and then at times forget to keep in touch. It was so much fun catching up on everything and talking about our fun times. Last year all three of us had babies and this is the first time they were all together. I didn't get a picture of all three, between naps, and Michelle forgetting what day it was (ha ha dork) but I got a picture of Ethan with each of his new buddies. Here he is with Jackson, Angie's little boy, and Abby, Michelle's little girl. It's fun having kids around the same time, hopefully we can get together more often! Thanks girls!!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

My Talented Hubby!

So I just need a moment to brag about my amazing husband! Not only is he a wonderful husband and father, but he is very talented at what he does. For those of you who don't know what Kurt does, he designs homes. This year the company he works for did a home in the Utah Valley Parade of Homes and Kurt designed it! I was able to go see it for the first time today and it's amazing!! I've seen the floor plans for awhile, but to see the real thing is so much better! It's such a beautiful house. Not only is the outside awesome, you should see the layout, it's so practical. For those of you who get a chance to go to the Parade of Homes it's house #7! Way to go babe, the house is amazing!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Home Improvements

I finally did it! I painted the garage. I've been wanting to do it after seeing other people in the neighborhood do it, but have been putting it off. Now two colors, three coats, and a couple of frantic phone calls to Jocelyn, (thanks Joce) it's finished. Let me Kurt went to Kwal Paint and got the same color as our door and shutters. When we put it on it was a chocolate brown. I was stressing and figured maybe after it dried it would darken. Oh don't didn't!! Kwal told me it was the same color, but it sure didn't look the same. Luckily when we first moved here we scuffed up our door frame trying to move in a couch, so we had bought a can of the paint to touch it up. Well I made Kurt search for that and I repainted it once again. Its definitely the right color now! I really like how it turned out! Here is the before picture....and after....