Sunday, August 23, 2009

A little of our week....

My sweet little boy has now refused to call me "Mommy" and insists on yelling my name when he wants to tell me anything or needs my attention. We go to the store and it's, "Kara look" or "Kara stop it." He has also insisted on calling Kurt by his name and not dad. He has started adding more and more words together in his sentences, telling me what he wants for lunch, telling the nursery leader he needs "to go polly (potty)" even though he isn't or hasn't even started to be potty trained, and is content to sit and watch Monster Trucks on TV.

We also had a huge accomplishment of actually sitting in the sandbox. Ethan is very OCD and from the time we got the sandbox has only walked around the outside and occasionally stuck a shovel or bucket in the sand. Just the other night a little buddy of his threw sand on him to which we had a mental and physical breakdown. He also insists that I take his shoes off if he can feel one grain of sand in his flip flops. Well the other night when Kurt was grilling us up some hamburgers he went and sat in the sandbox. He had actually stepped in it the day before with no shoes on, which was huge progress, but this was HUGE. He then told Kurt he wanted his shirt off and then continued to go SIT in the sand. Both of us were in disbelief so of course it was captured on camera. He even let Kurt bury his feet.

Saturday was quite the day. It started off getting up at 6:30 and heading to Sugar House Park to participate in the "Love your Body" Wasatch Women's 5K run. I did it with Kurt's mom and sister. It was a great race and a nice kick in the butt. I did it to prepare myself for the 10K I'm about to run in two which I think I might die.

Right after the race we were off to East Canyon. Any day we can take the boat out we try and take advantage of it. Our friends the Jacobson's met us up at East Canyon for a day at the lake! It was so stinkin hot, but the water was ice. It was lots of fun just hanging out and playin around. Of course with no nap Ethan crashed sitting on one of the seats.

We got home in time to shower, get ready, and head out on our date to Desert Star Playhouse. We got season tickets this year and it's been so much fun! It guarantees us a date night with just each other every couple of months. So we got a neighbor girl to come babysit and headed out for the night.

Finally to end the week on a great note we attended the Oquirrh Mountain Temple dedication at our stake center tonight. It was so awesome and wonderful to hear our prophet speak to us and know that all of our temples are dedicated and set apart as a House of the Lord. We are so blessed to have so many temples so close. They said that here in Utah we have ten temples in a two hour radius. How lucky are we? I can't imagine the sacrifice people go through just to have their families sealed together or attend a session. We are so lucky and I take it for granted every day. It was a good reminder of taking the time to really attend the temple as often as our circumstances permit. I'm so grateful to live here in Utah with so many so close to us!

And now it's off to another week.....

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Oh the Zoo

So with my sister in law living like two minutes from the zoo, I hit her up to head to the zoo with Ethan and I. This year proved much more interesting for Ethan. He was way more interested in the animals, and loved seeing the "horsies" which were actually zebra's; but they all look the same right? It was a good day with two boys who wanted to snack, relax, and check out some animals.

The highlight for Ethan was definitely the play area where Bennett had to be the brave one. He had to do things before Ethan believed it was safe and would try it for himself. He also loved the train and had a pretty good hand wave down for the thirty second train ride in which we saw like one wonder they make some good money. It was a fun day to get out of the house, free tickets from some random ladies in Kellie's ward who happened to be going the same day, and good company.

and what is the zoo without the ape picture? This took some coaxing on Ethan's part, but Bennett as you can clearly tell wanted nothing to do with it. He was way more interested in his freedom out of the stroller and the stick he was ABOUT to find.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Terrible Two's

Every day the minute Ethan hears the garage go up he yells "Dad home!" and bolts it to the hallway where he patiently sits and waits for Kurt to open the door. Kurt is then showered with a hug and a kiss and asked to go play on the swing. Not only is Ethan excited for Kurt to be home, but I'm thrilled! Let me explain...Ethan has developed the two year old attitude rapidly. Not only does he act like he is twelve, he tells me what to do and yells "No!" to everything I say. My patience level has grown very thin in the past two months. I have to remember that he is two, but when my nephew Jack asks his mom if, "Ethan is going to hit him today?" I remember the havoc my child reaks....(some lady told me that at Chick-fil-a, because apparently he was hitting her daughter on the head). Anyways lets not mention that Jack is 4 and looks like he is 8, so if he would just deck Ethan back I would probably have a child knocked out, at the same time learning not to mess with older kids. So in my opinion it would be a good lesson to learn.
By the time the day is over I have heard enough "no's," placed my child in time out for the hundredth time, and have taken away treats or a toy! So I love when my hubby gets home for the break that I get!! Don't get me wrong, I love that sweet face who gives me kisses for no reason and wants to be held to see his pancakes spinning around in the microwave, but I've come to realize that what they say about the terrible two's is TRUE! Boy do I love two year olds...I can't wait for this independent stage to be over with.

Monday, August 3, 2009

No Kids, Lots of Boating, & Great Company

This past weekend we headed to Midway with some of our great friends...and NO KIDS! It was short and sweet and should have been a lot longer. We met up at Cafe Rio in Provo with the Woolstenhulme's and the Jacobson's to have some good dinner and then headed up Provo Canyon to Midway. There's nothing like sitting around talking with your friends, making fun of each other, and getting yelled at by the boys for talking too much and too loud. Saturday morning we got up and had breakfast which was made by Sha and Blaine. You have to understand that they were assigned breakfast in order to redeem themselves from a camping trip we took with them over three years ago where Blaine thought he was a master chef with his NEW dutch oven. He proceeded to make us the most disgusting breakfast we had ever had. I took a bite and then casually hid mine and Kurt's plate and made it to the garbage can, Isaac ate two bowls to make Blaine feel good, and the best part is when Blaine tasted it himself and couldn't believe any one else would eat it. Needless to say their breakfast this time turned out great, no dutch oven was used. We then headed off to Deer Creek where we did some major boating. Here is an overload of pictures from our boating adventures. Sha, Tanya, and Nick had never been wakeboarding and were all able to get up!

Some major tubing where Tanya freaked out just being pulled in a straight line! It was hilarious...and some how Sha got some nasty bruises from her nice tumbles from the tube.
Kurt, Blaine, Nick, and I on the air chair. Well technically I would say that only Kurt could stay up. The rest of us got up and within a couple of seconds fell!! But it was a good laugh for everyone on the boat.

Then later Saturday afternoon the Coon's joined us! We headed into Main Streets Pizza and Noodle in Park City for some yummy dinner. What we didn't know was that it was the Park City Arts Festival. We ended up parking up by the Alpine Slide and making our way down to main street. Blaine's trusty GPS told us in was .9 miles....I think Blaine needs to get a new GPS. I swear the walk was over a mile.
It was a super fun get away with some of our friends and much needed laughs to get us through until we hang out again.