Tuesday, March 30, 2010

My Big THREE year old!

Yesterday my little buddy turned three! Where does time go? I feel like it was yesterday that I was in labor with him in the hospital. I want time to slow down. I think Ethan knew it was his birthday when he woke up at 6:45 full of energy and some type of sugar high. We finally got up with him and let him open a few presents and then ate some chocolate chip waffles. Next we took him to the party store to pick out balloons. That was one of his highlights. He kept yelling out each color that she blew up and then had a melt down when we had to leave them in the car to run into Walmart!

Next we headed over to see How to Train Your Dragon in 3D. I was a little worried about the glasses for him, but for the most part he did great! Wouldn't look at us for pictures, but loved the movie and his own box of skittles. The movie was awesome, I would highly recommend it. After that we were off to the Cheesecake Factory for some lunch. I think this one was more for Kurt and I but Ethan went along for the ride.
After nap time it was off to the park to fly his kite with dad and then headed home to get ready for his party. He stood by the window asking when "the peoples" were coming.

Thanks to all our fam and friends for helping us celebrate! He was spoiled by all your gifts. Happy Birthday my little bubs!! We sure love you!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Everyone was KUNG FU FIGHTING!!!!

This one is for you mom and dad!! Thanks for the headband, belt, or whatever it is supposed to be! Ethan thinks it's pretty cool!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Domestic Diva??

Can the whole nesting thing happen at five months?? The past couple of days I've whipped out my sewing machine and busted out some fun things. I've been wanting one of those car seat canopies or whatever they call them, so I went to the mall only to find that they were $40. Of course I can't just have one, I wanted two, so I thought I would attempt one on my own. Here is how they turned out. I'm pretty proud of myself since I usually don't get a good quality product out of what I make. They are both reversible and everything including some sewing supplies only cost me $35.
I also made these car seat covers that go inside. My friend Dallas had me some made when I had Ethan and they were a life saver. So since you just make them out of receiving blankets I thought I would attempt it on my own. They turned out pretty good & with a little bit of help from my trusty mother in law, wha bam!. Now we are just crossing our fingers that this baby doesn't puke as much as Ethan. We are already on our second car seat...I would like to not have to purchase another one because of throw up.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

St. George with the Peifer's

This past weekend we headed down to St. George to spend the weekend with the Peifer's. Jeff was Kurt's favorite mission companions. Four years ago we met up with them in California and did Disneyland and the Price is Right. It was my first time meeting them, and it was crazy how fast we hit it off. Since that time Jeff has been in dental school and it seems between Brooklyn and I having our babies we could never find time to meet up. Finally this weekend we did.

We had so much fun! The weather was a little chilly, but still warmer then here. We busted out some capri's and shirt sleeve shirts...Brooklyn on the other hand thought it was so cold she might wear gloves and a scarf (they are from Arizona). The weekend consisted of some serious Mexican Train Game Playing, Nerd card wars, Guitar Hero, lots of food, battle of Air Hockey, Brazilian food for the boys, and much more. I think Brookyln and I must have known each other in another life. It's funny how you can click with someone and it feels like you've known them forever! Ethan had a blast with their little boy Adam.

Hanging out at good old Fiesta Fun!

Brooklyn's parents are also serving a mission down in St. George so they were able to spend some time with them. We were able to go to lunch with them and play some games. All in all it was a great weekend and so fun to spend time with the Peifer's.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It's a.....

Baby #2 is a GIRL! We are SUPER excited!! Ethan has been telling me all along that there is a sister in my tummy, so maybe he knew something we didn't. The doc said everything looked great as far as they could see and that it was 100% girl. I was worried...didn't want a dude popping out later on after clothes are bought and the nursery is painted. It's a little strange to think I will be buying pink instead of blue and even more weird to be buying dolls instead of cars! We can't wait!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Big Boy Underwear

The boy is potty trained!! Thanks to my sis in law Alaina who gave me some random method to doing things. It was a one day process! Woo hoo!! He now tells me when he needs to go pee and we go running to his froggy potty!! I know we will have some accidents here and there, but hopefully not too many!! The poop thing is still under construction, we are working on that one. Anyone have any ideas?? For now I will enjoy not changing diapers!! Life is good!