Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Easter

Our Easter festivities started last Tuesday when some girls in the ward put together an Easter egg hunt at the park. We threw the eggs all over and the kids scrambled to collect the eggs. Ethan thought it was the coolest thing ever and Reese just chilled in the stroller in the freezing cold.
Easter morning was a lot of fun. Kurt and I should really get "Parents of the Year" award. Ethan came upstairs around 7 and we convinced him to lay in our bed for a little bit so we could sleep a tad longer. At some point he got out of our bed and I woke up to him next to my bed with a handful of eggs yelling, "you'll never believe it!! The Eater bunny left me a white basket that was hidden! I found it and it's on the table! I also found ALL of these eggs!" So our little guy had already had his own Easter morning while his parents slept in their bed! We are awesome!
We got dressed in our Eater clothes and headed to church! I love Eater Sunday! I'm grateful to be able to have a Sunday where we focus on our Savior and his resurrection. Then after church it was off to Grandma & Grandpa's for an Easter egg hunt and a yummy dinner! Only one more Easter without my parents and their CRAZY egg hunt! It was so much fun spending time with family and seeing my little guy get so excited!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I did it!!!

I conquered the big Salt Lake City MARATHON on April 17! 26.2 miles royally kicked my trash! I mean, I laughed and almost cried when I saw on the news Saturday night that the first place girl ran it in like 3 hours and five minutes or something...not to mention that she started like 15 minutes late. I will never be one like that, but I now can say that I freakin ran a marathon!! (I get excited just saying that). I've been a little hard on myself about my time, cause I really thought I would be able to finish it by like 4 hours 45 minutes, but looks like I'll have to shoot for that next time....if there ever is a next time! The goal was to finish, and that I did!

For those of you who have known me, know that I went on a weight loss journey over the last two and a half years. In November of 2008 I got a slap in the face realizing that I was over weight. I've said it before and it's very true...I was always confident of myself, I was a very happy person and my weight never got me down. However there were those times I would look in the mirror and realize if I kept going as I was, not exercising and not eating right, I was going to end up being in a place I didn't want to be in! The day I got my bodybugg I set my mind to losing weight. I ran a 5k with my hubby and in-laws and realized that this body was capable of things I didn't think I was capable of. I realized that I could be even happier then I already was and feel GREAT about myself. A marathon NEVER crossed my mind. NEVER EVER EVER! As I kept exercising and realizing the different things I could accomplish I set my mind to running one. I'm not an excellent runner but I really developed a love for running. Finally I accomplished this goal and it's amazing to think of where I was....
and what I just accomplished....
Here is a little recap of my experience. I didn't sleep extremely well that night. Woke up at 4:15 to have breakfast, get ready, mentally prepare myself, and make it over to my friends to ride up to the Gateway. We got to the Gateway, jumped on TRAX which was packed like no other, and rode the ride up to the U of U. We got there about ten minutes before it started and I was feeling good. The horn sounded and off we went! I felt great. The first seven miles were a breeze. I made a potty stop since all the bathrooms were packed at the start line and every other miles marker. Didn't take long and was off again. I was excited because I was under my ten minute mile pace and feeling great. I hit mile ten and right after saw my sweet hubby and in-laws who had some food and drink for me. Chatted for a few seconds and was off again. Kept feeling great until about mile 13 where I started to feel tired and was now realizing I was only half way done! Hit mile 14 and saw my hubby and in-laws again! Waved to them and kept on running. About 14.5 i felt a big pain start in my lower back, everything from my lower back down to my mid thigh started to go numb (I blame this on a bulging disc I have on my lower back that gets irritated every now and again, but has never bugged me with my running). I tried to fight through it but by mile 16 I was hurting. At this point I had to start walking. I would run here and there but I slowed WAY down! I knew Kurt was at mile 18 so I kept pushing to get to him where he was waiting with some energy and most important an 800. I finally made it to 18 and my hubs was nowhere. I panicked thinking I had missed him. I pulled out my phone and called him only to find that I had misread the paper wrong, he was where he was supposed to be, but it was closer to mile 20. My sweet mother in law ran down to find me and walked/ran with me until we met up with my hubs. I took the 800 and walked until I felt it start to kick in and then I was off. I'll be completely honest...the last six miles were AWFUL! Mostly because I wanted to run so bad, but physically I couldn't. It was a walk/run the rest of the way! I wish so bad I could have got my body to just take off but just thinking that I still had at least another hour even running at a ten minute mile was depressing.
I just kept pushing through it and as I hit main street I knew the end was in sight. Kurt found me near the Raddison and ran the rest of the way with me!
I turned the corner to see all of this....
My family started going nuts!! They were so loud and just went crazy!! I got a HUGE burst of energy and started running as fast as my worn out legs would take me! It was exhilarating to cross the finish line and to know that this body of mine accomplished something I NEVER thought possible! It's a funny thing how the mind works...because even being a few days after I'm already thinking of what I would do different in the next one...am I crazy? Would I actually put my body through this again?? Guess only time will tell.
It's amazing the things you can accomplish in life when you put your mind to it! It's crazy to think of me back then, not even able to run a mile, and now 26.2! I'm as sore as ever, but that soreness is a reminder of the journey I've been through to get me here!! Thank you to everyone who supported me! It was so awesome to have my cheering squad at the end and through out the race. I couldn't have done it without my sweet hubby who encouraged me through my training and pushed me until the end! I have the best families who are constantly there! Love you all! You are the BEST!

Monday, April 11, 2011

The Little Sneak...

I'm lucky! The reason I'm lucky...because my four year old still takes a 1.5 - 2 hour nap for me every day! Lately it's been more of playing and then crashing, but that just makes my "me" time even longer! The other day I had heard him playing and finally when it was quiet I snuck downstairs to see if he was really asleep. As I crept into his room I found no sign of him. That little tinge of panic started and right then I saw him sound to sleep on the love sac! That little sneaky boy...I guess a nap is a nap wherever it is right!?

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Land of Sun!

This past weekend me and my siblings and families headed down to St. George for conference weekend! It was BEAUTIFUL! 80-85 degree weather, doesn't get much better then that. It was tons of fun driving home on Sunday to snow! SERIOUSLY! Why do I live here?

We had lots of fun and loaded the days with visits to parks, swimming...indoor and outdoor, fiesta fun, shopping, mountain biking, good grub, but mostly good company. Kurt and I headed down with the kiddos on Wednesday night and spent Thursday shopping and lounging! Later that night my brother and sister came with their families.

Friday the boys golfed and we went to the park, to the big indoor pool, hit up Texas Roadhouse, and then back to a different park where we had some major relay races going on.
Saturday Kurt and I went mountain biking on a trail called Bear Claw Poppy! It was my first experience and it was tons of fun! I can't wait to go again! Then it was fiesta fun, more swimming, and back to the park while the boys went to Priesthood!
So fun being with family! I love St. George! I think we should move there!