Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Like Father...Like Son

Who honestly wants to read magazines about boring race cars? car parts that you can buy? Or how fast the new 2010 mustang can go?
...apparently my son! We have too many of these in the house and for some reason it was pure entertainment to Ethan. He's seen Kurt reading all of his car magazines so why not do what daddy does!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I'm getting older....

Yesterday was the big 2.6. for me! I'm getting old. For my birthday my hubby surprised me with a Garmin watch that tracks my distance and runs; and also some new computer stuff. Then my sister, Grandma, Aunt, and cousin all took me out to lunch to Zuppas. Always fun to be with family, but I sure missed my mom not being there this year!
Later that night Kurt and I headed to the Cheesecake Factory where I totally splurged!! Love that place! Then we hit up the mall where I got me a super cute new watch band to go on my watch that my mom had given us girls. It was a great birthday!! Thanks to all who called, text, and sang me songs!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Summer Fun in Bear Lake

The anticipated short trip to Bear Lake is already over! Every year Kurt and I try and go up to get in some good boating time with my aunt Becky and her family. This year however we smartened up and got us our own little one room condo for two nights. We camped the first year we were married, which I vow to never do again, driven up for just the day the next year, bummed in a room with my mom and grandma last year, and finally got our own this year. It was well worth the money, especially with a two year old.

We left early early Friday morning and got a full day on the lake both Friday and Saturday! There is something that I love about Bear Lake or more like the raspberry shakes. The lake is so blue and so huge. Maybe it's the memories from fun trips down with the Terry's in high school, and the new memories we create with family.

Here is my hubby doing what he does best on the water. He is such a water bug and makes everything look so easy.
So with a hubby that can do what's pictures above this year I was determined to do three things....
1. Get up on one ski, I've never been able to actually get up on one. I have dropped in the past but that's all.
2. Get up on the dang air chair.
3. Get up on our wake skate.
I can now say CHECK to all three! I have to say I was most proud to get up on one! And I stayed up until I was done. The air chair was quite the experience. I screamed the entire time because it takes you where ever it wants. No pictures to prove anything but this one of me screaming on the air chair that my aunt Becky was able to snap. We were also able to get my Grandma out on the boat, which was a first in a long time!
Here are lots of pictures of fun times! We had some beach volleyball games going, a lost wedding ring of a friend (and yes by some miracle Conner found it in the water), botchi (?) ball games, and good conversation on the beach.
Pictures with family...

and some fun on the boat...

Ethan spent lots of time on the beach with Becky playing, while Kurt and I took all my cousins out on the boat! My little guy has some major OCD problems with the sand. He does not like to be dirty and would take about thirty minutes to actually get off his chair and want to touch the sand. Even then it was back to the chair super fast. He definitely got mom's "not wanting to be dirty" gene in him. I don't think I could pass that one off on Kurt.

And here is what happens to a two year old when he is completely exhausted. This was a short walk back from the beach...he was out cold!

We had tons of fun, yummy shakes, great pizza, and most of all fun times with my extended family! Thank you Snyder's and Grandma and Sharon for the fun times.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Family Pictures Continued....

Here are the rest of the pics.... I love how they all turned out! This is my favorite family picture! Not all of them are edited yet, but I couldn't wait! Sorry so many posts about the pictures, but I always get excited that they are done!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of July Celebrations

As usual our 4th of July always seems a bit out of control...ok not really, but it requires some major packing since we take the boat, and switch half way through between families. It's always a ton fun to be with both of our families and just to hang out for a good weekend. This year was a bit different since mom and dad weren't with us, but us kids still headed up to Midway on Thursday night to celebrate. Midway consisted of some boating, decorating cookies, making silly glasses, a kick ball game (which our team dominated), and some nice thick shakes at Dairy Keen.

Saturday we were off early to East Canyon to spend the rest of the weekend with Kurt's family. We of course hit the lake as soon as we got there, only to enjoy lots of wind and no sun! It didn't stop us from getting in the water and doing what we love. Too bad I didn't snap any pictures. The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, playing in the water, yummy dinners, four wheel rides for Kurt, and fireworks in Hennifer.
and this is how much Ethan liked the fireworks....after awhile he warmed up and would watch.

It was a great weekend and always a good get away. I always look forward to getting away, even when it's only 45 minutes away. We also were able to talk to my mom and dad on Friday night as I mentioned in an earlier post!