Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

This year was our year with my in-laws for Thanksgiving. We met at Kurt's parents and had a great Thanksgiving lunch, started a new tradition of decorating gingerbread houses, lounged around, and played some games.

I love this time of year, despite the cold weather. I love how much time we get to spend with family. We have been lucky enough to always have family around and we take it for granted. It was a great relaxing Thanksgiving thanks to the Jenkins. And on another happy mom and dad will be home in SEVEN months! Woo hoo.
Kurt got Thursday and Friday off so we spent some time shopping, getting Christmas put up, and took the kids to the Children's Museum.
And Sunday we headed down to Temple Square to see the lights. It was a fun weekend. Wish the hubster had more long weekends like that!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Munchkins

Back on the 10th of this month Ethan was the ring bearer for my cousin's wedding. He did such a good job and looked so handsome in his cute outfit!
Reese is finally back after a few sick bouts. She has always been my good eater but after getting sick and throwing up she decided not to eat much. In fact anything new that went into her mouth she instantly gagged or at least pretended to gag. It was funny at first but got old real quick. Last night we had lasagna and she pounded her whole piece.
I love these two munchkins of mine, even on days where I want to pull my hair out. They make me laugh and smile every day.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

15 Months

Reese turned fifteen months at the beginning of this month!! I can't believe how much she is changing. Not only does she know how to get her way, throw tantrums, and wrap herself around your finger, but she's growing and is nice and healthy.

Weight: 21lb. -25%
Height: 30" - 30%

She now loves to climb, eat with a fork, say about ten different words, scream and cry when she doesn't get her way, push her baby, talk on her phone, and basically act like everyone says girls act! She loves me and wants to be cuddled. When she wants to play she wants dad! We love her so much and are so glad she's part of our family! How can you not love a face like this??

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

HaPpY HaLlOwEeN!!

I love Halloween! I love getting out all the decorations, the pumpkins, the candy, and most of all dressing up my kiddos. Kurt and I were pretty lame this year and didn't dress up at all. We have a good excuse since we missed the annual neighborhood party while we were in Hawaii!

Ethan: The Sheriff

Reese: The Bumble Bee
We started the Halloween week out by decorating a Haunted Mansion. I found this at JoAnn's and it was the best purchase. For a couple bucks more I got the house that was already put together!! That's holding for hours while the stupid icing dried. We pulled it out of the box and let the kids go to town.

Later in the week was the ward Halloween party. Ethan ran around with all of his little friends and Reese walked around the gym struttin' her stuff!
Yesterday (HAlloween) Reese woke up not feeling well at all. The poor thing had a fever and just cried and laid most of the day. I had no other choice but to drag her out and about. We headed over to Ethan's preschool where he was all dressed up. They get to go out and wave to all the cars and try to get the cars to honk at them. It's hilarious and the kids love it! So just a little FYI...if you are ever driving on 12600 s. and right passed redwood road honk at the little kids waving! They get a kick out of it. Here they are on the road and then Ethan with his cousin Preston!
After the preschool we headed home and Reese took a four hour nap. After waking up I had a different baby. Happy as could be and feeling great! Not sure what happened to her that morning but was so happy she was feeling better. So after nap we headed over to Grandma Lynette's and Grandpa Russ's to see some of my nieces and nephew.
And finally it was off to trick or treat. This is the only decent picture I could get of the two of them together! Ethan LOVED it. I've never seen the kid run so fast. Reese walked for a little while and then ended the night being pushed in the stroller. Next year I think she will have more fun.
And of course, in tradition, here they are in their Halloween jammies. I love my pirate babies!!!