Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blessing Day

This past Sunday we were able to bless Reese! Kurt did a great job and gave her a wonderful blessing. She was such a good baby and didn't even make a peep!
I sure missed my cute MOM and DAD! We wished they could have been here. However, we know that they are needed much more in Japan then here! I know they would have been on the next plane, if they were able to.
My talented mother in law made her dress for me! I showed her one that I really liked and the next thing I knew she had it all made! Thank you so much Lynette! I loved it!
After the blessing we headed back to our house for a little breakfast! Thanks to all my family and friends who helped with everything! Thanks Kell for writing down what you remembered!! I'm so glad I have that!

I didn't get a lot of pictures of just her in her dress or of her and Ethan together. We couldn't find my wedding ring about ten minutes before we were supposed to leave, so pictures didn't happen since we were searching for it (don't worry we found it after church). At least we got what we did!! I just wish I had some of my cute kids together! Maybe we will have to dress them up again! :) Kurt will just love that idea!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


(Why can they never look at the camera or SMILE a normal cute smile?)
He finally made it!! The first day of preschool started yesterday. He was SO excited!! Even more excited to be going with his cousin Preston. Hopefully one day they will be the best of friends...but for now the morning conversation went like this:
Ethan: "Hey Presto, I'm NOT going to bug you today!!" (how thoughtful of my wonderful child)
Preston: "Good!! Are you going to hit me?"
The life of three year olds! One day Ethan will have a child just like him...and I will sit back and smile!
I'm so excited for my Tuesday and Thursday mornings! What am I going to do with myself!? Oh and of course Ethan wouldn't leave the house without holding Reese and getting a picture with her too!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Our Annual Swiss Days

Well we can officially say only ONE more Swiss Days and my mom will be home! Kind of crazy to think about. Don't get too excited, she just hit a year in July, so we still got two years! :( Anyways we didn't let the tradition die...even without my sister who was headed to Arizona with her family (and our fame photographer who usually takes a gazillion pictures of this event which we failed miserably at), Alaina and I lived it up at Swiss Days. We saw the same things over and over again, enjoyed our yummy scones, enjoyed ladies in full out sun flower jump suits, and most of all shopped like crazy! We had lots of fun! We headed to dinner on Thursday night, leaving our wonderful hubbies to play mom. We hit the outlets a little late but got some good Gap shopping in and then headed to Midway where I spent a WELL rested night! Friday we were up early to get all the goods at Swiss Days and then to lunch.
Our hubbies came up with the kids that afternoon where we just chilled for the rest of the day and had some dinner. Saturday we took the kids to the Alpine Slide. Ethan liked after some coaxing and showing him the slide and how it was like a car you could drive down. He said he wanted to go again which is better then screaming the whole way down.
On Sunday we got to go to my cousins Jill's little boy Jace's blessing. She's in town from Tennessee, so I was so excited that we would be there. We also got to see her up at Swiss Days with her CUTE little boy! She took some cute pictures at the get together after the blessing of our babies together, but I don't have the picture to that will come later.

Wen ended our Labor Day with a BBQ with Kurt's fam. Of course I didn't get any pictures...but the weekend was lots of fun!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Reese's one month mark was quite the day. Our day started out normal on Sunday. I decided to attempt church and ended up staying the whole time. During priesthood/relief society I had gotten Reese to sleep and got her all buckled in her car seat at the end of the meeting. About two seconds after I had buckled her in I heard her throw up (no big deal, she does it all the time). I looked down at her to see her face turn as red as a tomato and her eyes start bugging. I panicked and got her out of her car seat as fast as I could. I immediately flipped her over on my arm and started hitting her back to get her to breathe. With no luck and panic really starting to set in I took off running out of the room. I flipped her over and mucus was coming out of her nose and she still wouldn't take a breath. I jammed my finger into her mouth, got it on top of her tongue, and pushed her tongue down to open an air way. Finally at that point she started screaming, but as she would try to inhale through her nose she would lock her jaw again and stop breathing. At this point I had found Kurt and he started getting the stuff out of her nose the best he could and got her to keep screaming. I started to feel a little relief at this point.

As we were standing in the hallway a brother from my ward, who is a paramedic, came over and started helping us and asking us what had happened. He decided to come home with us to see if we could suction out the mucus because she was still having a hard time when she would try to inhale through her nose. We got home and tried for about ten minutes to suck stuff out, but with no luck. I calmed her down and Ken (the paramedic) told me I should take her to an insta care and get her on some oxygen and see if they could clear her out. We thought that would be a great idea. During the time that we were talking we all looked at her and her arms and her legs were going blue, at that point I saw Ken get a little worried (she was still breathing but it was labored) and he told me we needed to call 911. Apparently her body wasn't getting enough oxygen so her body was sacrificing other areas to get oxygen to her core. The ambulance and firetruck got here within three minutes and had us immediately bring her out to the ambulance. They had something ready to go down her throat to clear it out, but after holding some oxygen over her mouth she calmed down and her color started returning. She instantly started improving, but they wanted to take her to the hospital to make sure she hasn't aspirated anything into her lungs! So off we went in the ambulance to Riverton Hospital where we stayed for about three hours while they watched her to make sure she didn't do it again. They took x-rays of her lungs and those all came back negative (thank goodness) and she looked good. As the doctor was getting ready to release us she gave one last call up to Primary Children's and to my pediatrician to let them know what we were doing and they both wanted her to be transported to Primary's to spend the night where she could be monitored. So another ambulance ride up to Primary's where we spent the night while she was monitored.

Everything ended up being just fine, they think she has acid reflux, which I've thought all along, and for some reason this time she just couldn't get it back down. Since coming home she's done it two more times in her car seat but she's been able to get it back down. I've had some major freak outs and am now scared to put her in her car seat. However we started her on prevacid yesterday hoping that it will help some. I guess we will just have to wait it out and see. We are just so glad that everything was alright! I don't ever want to experience that again, it felt like pure helplessness. I'm so thankful that she's alright! I know my Heavenly Father was watching over her and I'm so grateful that she's ok! I'm also very grateful to have been at church where Ken was! Had it have happened at home by myself I don't know what I would have done!