Saturday, January 30, 2010

And while we are at it......

I thought I would join the PREGO club!

Due August 6, 2010 - which makes me 13 weeks.

Sadly...the last two days!

Day 7 - Thursday
Once again the beach. Then the boys headed off to golf for the last time later that afternoon. We cooked up some Stromboli and played PIT in our room. Sadly we started packing up a little bit that night since the next day we had to check out by 10. Usually we head home on the red eye Thursday night, but this year we decided to stay all day Friday since they have all the amenities on the resort and catch the red eye out on Friday.

Day 8 - Friday
After packing up and checking out we lounged from 10:00 AM until 4:00 PM.
hit the slide a few times....

took some family portraits.....

then showered, headed to Chili's for one last hoo rah, and then headed to the airport. The flight home was actually great since Ethan slept the entire flight! For us on the other hand....we took a nap when we got home and let our child roam.

Goodbye to Hawaii!! We look forward to this vacation every year! And as much as we liked having the munchkin with us this year...we are looking forward to next year without him! Sorry buddy!! We also look forward with getting to spend it with mom and dad again in two years! We can't wait to have you here!!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Hawaii - Day 5 & 6

Day 5 - Tuesday
Tuesday it was a golf day for the boys. We sent them on their way and then did what we did best....lounged by the pool.
That night we BBQ some chicken and made some yummy potatoes. I do love timeshares! I love that we didn't have to eat out every single meal. Love that we have our own kitchen in the units with all appliances to cook up food.

Day 6 - Wednesday
This day was another lounge day. You can tell what we do all the time! We hit up the beach again to let the kids play in the sand, read our books (Lovely Bones), and then headed back to the beach pool to let the boys roam free.

and here is what you get when a two year old exhausts himself day after day.

Later that afternoon we met up with the rest of my fam at Outback for a nice dinner. Too bad kids were involved in this one. They were pretty good since we had promised to take them to "The Chipmunks" movie. I should have known going into it that I would want to die, LAMEST kids movie ever. However the kids were entertained and even Ethan sat through it. The adults on the other hand....we almost left all the kids there by themselves.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Hawaii - Day 3 & 4

Day 3 - Sunday
Sunday us girls got up early and hit the wonderful swap meet. Sometimes I wonder why we still go to it every year. It's the same stuff year after year. This year we realized at certain places people had to have grabbed garbage, old shoes, plates with food still attached, and set them out to sell to boggles my mind. However it's a good laugh for us and a day to get out. We then trusted the trusty old GPS to lead us into town to hit up Friday's for lunch. After leading us to TWO different Friday's....which neither existed, we settled on Hard Rock Cafe for some yummy mac and cheese and potato skins. Can't beat that.
When we got back home we packed up and drove to the North Shore. The news had said the waves were going to be about 30 feet tall and we all wanted to see. We stopped in Haliewa and saw some turtles, and then kept driving to Shark's Cove Beach where we pulled over and got to see these crazy waves. On the way back we hit up Matsumoto's for some snow cones.

Day 4 - Monday
Monday we woke up and got ready to head into Waikiki. We always hit The Cheesecake Factory right on the strip, so this trip was no different. We went in for some yummy lunch and then some shopping on Waikiki Strip.
Our best purchase and new best friend...MR. TURTLE. He now sleeps with Ethan and goes everywhere. This trip was a bit of a new milestone for him...he slept in a big king bed all by himself...and he did great!! Looks like we know what we now need to get him! I've never transferred him because the boy hasn't once tried to ever get out of his crib, so i figured why break the nice jail he's in....but now he's begging for a big boy bed.

Once we got home from Waikiki we couldn't help but throw on our suits and head down to the pool again. Man I want this life FULL time.