Thursday, April 30, 2009


Ethan and I went to the eye doctor again on Monday for another check up. The good thing is that we aren't looking at surgery just yet. There was a slight improvement from the last time we were there, but just slight. He is starting to bring his eyes together, and is using it more from the patching. We are going to patch for two more months and see if we can get those muscles to work together and make him use both of his eyes. The doc said he may just be taking longer then normal and wants to wait a little before we jump into surgery. If after two months things really haven't changed then he will go in for surgery on the same eye and they will loosen the outer muscle, which they tightened a tad last surgery (the muscles on both sides were worked on last surgery) so this time it would be just one. I can tell that there is some improvement and am hoping that there is even more within the next two months.

I hope by some miracle that we won't have to do surgery again. I'm ok with it if we do, but just hope that we don't have to put Ethan through that once again. Don't get me wrong, I'm so grateful that we are trying to get this all fixed and that we have options to get there, I just hope that by some chance he can start using both of them and can wave surgery all together. So just remember to keep him in your prayers.

On a super happy note, Kurt got a new job working with an Engineering firm in Salt Lake. He interviewed with them a few months ago, but with the whole slow down of the economy they decided not to hire. Two weeks ago he got an e-mail from them asking him to come again. He went in for an interview on Friday morning before our flight out to Hawaii and go offered the job the following Tuesday while we were in Hawaii. We are super excited for this new opportunity and for him to be back doing what he does best.

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Our Hawaiian Getaway

Hawaii finally came...and with a blink of an eye, it's done and over with!! This year was filled with lots of adventure, food, sno-cones, tanning, golf, wild Uno, pouring rain, and fun family times. My parents are kind enough to let all of us kids and our spouses trek along to Hawaii every year with them and then they stay one more week to recoup from us!! It's the life! This is the last time until 2012 for my mom and dad, so we tried to make it as fun and relaxing as possible. We left Friday morning and couldn't wait to get there. Warning: TONS of pics ahead! I like to document it all!!!
After checking in, hitting Chili's (which is tradition) before we ate our own arms, and then hitting Safeway and Costco, we were settled.
Saturday we all lounged by the pool and then the boys headed out to golf. Then we hit Kolohe's for dinner that night. It's a little eating establishment that sits right above the beach...and granted they charge you an arm and a leg for a hot dog, but it's somewhat of a tradition too. Don't worry that this time there were signs posted on the beach saying "Jellyfish. Swim at your own risk."Awesome!! Someone must have gotten stung!

Sunday we hit up The Cheesecake Factory, which is also tradition, and hit Ala Moana Mall and the Waikiki strip. Oh and of course the Roxy store.
Monday was a big day. I was nominated as the activities planner since we normally just lounge. This year I planned an ATV ride on the north/east side of the island. The tour takes you through some of the scenes that are filmed in LOST, such as Hurley's golf course, Jurassic Park, 50 First Dates, and more. Don't worry that on our way there I think a monsoon hit and I could barely see out my windshield....the partial view was also because of the crap car and it's windshield wipers. Anyways after pulling in to Kualoa Ranch, asking some dumb questions about getting wet, and convincing my mom after her five minute freak out of not going, we got on the ATV's and headed off in the soaking rain. It was actually beautiful and wouldn't have been such an adventure if we didn't get soaked. Thanks dad for the poncho's. Afterwards we cleaned up and headed to Outback for some dinner.

Tuesday we lounged more, played Uno, and went to a movie. Wednesday was also supposed to be a big day with a helicopter tour planned for us, but due to some maintenance problems we got bumped to Thursday, which ended up pouring rain, so we had to cancel all together! Huge Bummer! Maybe another year! But we did get awesome massages while the boys golfed again and hit the beach at the resort and some more Kolohe's later that day when they got back.

All in all it was a great trip! I look forward to it every year!! There is something about Hawaii, especially at Ko'Olina Resort that makes you forget about everything else. It was so relaxing and nice to just be with my hubby. There was no Ethan to worry about or chases after. That was thanks to my wonderful in-laws and aunt, who we couldn't of enjoyed this trip without! A huge thank you to you guys!! We love you and appreciate you so much! Thanks again mom and dad for an AWESOME trip! We love you and appreciate everything you do!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pictures...all grown up!

I went and got Ethan's two year old pictures taken. I think they turned out cute...however I'm biased. I was somewhat dreading it remembering how I was sweating by the time I was done last time but M&M's and my mom did the trick. I can't believe how good he would mind the Kiddie Kandids no one else was she just kept taking pictures for me until we got some that I liked. So here are a results.

I can't believe the difference in him in the last year. He looks so old to me in these pictures! He doesn't feel like a baby anymore!! How can that face not make you smile!?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Two year olds some how find out how to get what they want...even when they've been told "NO" a million and a half times. My child is determined to get what he wants. Last night I took a bath and of course it's not a relaxing bath because Ethan is in there splashing water on me and trying to get in. Soon after I got out and was getting dressed I heard him start screaming and walked in to this...fully clothed...and hating it...yet he was the one that wanted to get in...apparently not with all of his clothes on.

It makes me laugh how fast they start to develop and do funny things. Ethan is starting to put two to three words together, jump on things, throw lots of attitude, tells me he wants "pizza" every day, wears 2T and 3T clothes, size 7 shoe, still loves his "mine" (blanket), is obsessed with trucks and cars, loves his puppy...real and stuffed, loves being outside and throws a royal tantrum when he has to come in, loves to swing, wants to call Nana and Pampa on the phone all the time, and wants to drink milk and eat "mummies" (nummies...which he gets from Grandpa Sherm every time we visit) all day long. His vocabulary has gotten a lot bigger and he is starting to mimic everything that we say. I really think that he has some OCD in him, I would like to claim that it came from Kurt, but I am guilty of some OCD. He has to line up his cars and trucks just perfect, if one is out of line he has to fix it. We have to eat with about six cars lined around his plate. He wakes up wanting his "vroomies" and runs right to where he last put his cars, and lots of other weird quirks. It makes me laugh how much independence they want right now. He makes me smile and I love just watching him play and figure things out on his own. Two's might be crazy, but it sure is fun!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Craze!!

Where do I start! This is going to be quite the picture overload! We had lots of fun this Easter and included a few birthdays and BBQ's too!
I was so excited for this Easter, thinking that Ethan would probably get the whole basket thing. Obviously he didn't know what day it was, but we set out his Easter basket on the couch and let him off to play. Once he saw it he got all excited. He saw the matchbox cars first and was basically done with everything else. I had to open the Easter eggs full of jelly beans for him to look at the other stuff. He's also at that stage where he doesn't look at the camera...I was hoping we would some how skip over that stage....but it's here!
Next it was off to dying Easter Eggs...don't worry that all the matchbox cars had to remain with us on the counter. He was not about to leave those!! He had fun dipping them in, but mostly looking at them after they were all done. I think I had more fun dying the eggs!
Then it was church time, and of course the Easter outfit. I need to buy a tripod so that we can get a full family picture, so here is each of us with Ethan.

After church we went to Grandpa Russ and Grandpa Lynette's house to celebrate both Easter and Lynette's birthday! We ate and then headed out for an Easter egg hunt in the back. This was Ethan's first real Easter egg hunt, (I'm a bad mom and didn't take him to any of the local ones) maybe next year. Kurt helped him find the eggs and once he got the hang of it he was looking all over. Grandma and Grandpa loaded them with lots of candy and big bubble wands. Then we headed in for some cake and ice cream and to open presents.

Kurt made fun of me, but on holidays I go a little camera crazy. I had to get some of the whole fam. A big Happy Birthday to Lynette too! I have a wonderful mother in law who is so willing to do anything for us. We sure appreciate all that you do for our little family! Thanks for all the love and support and all the fun times! We love you and hope you had a good one.
Then for the ending of all the Easter activities we headed to my parents for our annual and LAST (sigh) for three years, Easter egg hunt! The kids always have one in the backyard and then the best one is in the front yard for us adults. We end up running around like little kids. Every year Kurt seems to get the most eggs, and everyone gets mad at him! I love it because usually I find the least! In the end we split it all even. Then it was off to Francesco's for some dinner!!
And last but not least....we finally bought him a swing set for Easter. We've been wanting to get one for awhile and finally found one that we wanted. He loves it and can't wait to go outside every day and play on it. It was definitely worth it!

Thanks again to both sets of Grandparents for a fun Easter!! We appreciate all that you do!! It was a great Easter and was also nice to go to church and remember all that Christ has done for us. We taught the Easter story to the Primary for sharing time, and I've never seen them listening so intently and asking so many questions. It was a neat experience to tell the kids all that our Savior has done for us and what he went through. I'm so grateful for the Gospel in my life. Hope everyone had a good Easter.