Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day!

I love Thanksgiving. I love getting up, relaxing, looking at the crazy ads, and then eating with family! It's always a fun day. This year was my side of the family's turn. We initially were headed to Midway to stay up there and have our family Thanksgiving. Instead my moms whole side decided to get together for one last hoo rah for my cousin Eric who is leaving on his mission in January! The family is getting huge!! It's so fun to see all my cousins who I used to see all the time growing up but only see a couple of times a year now. It was fun having it all together. There was way too much good food and lots of pictures.
Here is the entire Blight side...minus Grandpa who disappeared.
My cute Grandparents and my cousin Eric who is headed to Mexico.

And cute boy enjoying any pie he could get his hands on!! Happy Thanksgiving everyone! It was so much fun to see all of you!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

So many FACES!

Lately with the good weather Kurt has been able to drive his truck more...which means Ethan has become his shadow. He loves watching Kurt drive it. It's become a love hate relationship with the truck. He laughs and giggles and then runs to the garage for protection. I thought these were cute pictures of him outside watching the truck with his many facial expressions...and of course it's nice entertainment when the patch is on!!

Friday, November 21, 2008


LOVED IT! LOVED IT! LOVED IT! This is a must see. My cute sis-in-law Kellie got us tickets from a friend to go to the midnight premier last night....but.....a couple days before when she got the tickets they had put all of us on the second row. For me, that was a MIGRAINE waiting to happen. So I'm a loser and bailed! They all still went and had tons of fun...and the seats ended up not being too bad for them!! So in my misery of missing out I got Kurt to attend a matinee with me today!! It was such a great show!! No crazies in the theater, just 40 year old ladies excited when CARLISLE walked out. I was totally there for EDWARD so I don't know what the heck they were thinking. It was such a great movie and Kurt even thought it was really good. Maybe I shouldn't say that...he might not feel as manly anymore. He did tell me he is going to buy a shirt that says, "I'm Edward!" ....I think it's a pretty good idea.

I was disappointed that I didn't see any prom dresses or weirdo's. However, at dinner afterwards we did see a whole bunch of women with glitter all know how Edwards sparkles!! I thought that was a little weird. I would have rather sported a shirt or something! We did get to see all of "The Cullen Cars." Dealerships had the same cars that were in the movie parked right outside of the District when we walked out. That was pretty fun. Anyways good times at the movie and I definitely want to go see it again. So mom get ready to go next week.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


We got back a little over a week ago from Disneyland and I've been waiting to get all the pictures from my sister since we let her do all the picture eliminated packing around our big camera. Anyways my cute parents took the family to Disneyland. The whole family went, except for Preston and Ethan. I wasn't about to try and make him sit for meals, drag a diaper bag around, try and get him to sit in a stroller all day, and deal with maybe next time! A big thanks to my Aunt Becky for watching him!! We headed out on Wednesday, a snow packed Utah day, and got back to a still freezing cold Sunday. It was a nice 4 day adventure at The Happiest Place on Earth. The weather was great, the lines were short, and every one was happy. Be aware...lots of pictures ahead!!

The First Day.....

It's family tradition to hit up TGI Fridays right when we in following tradition, here we are!!

After checking in we headed over to Disneyland. Disney closed at 8:00 and California Adv. at 6:00 so we hit up some rides before the night ended.

Day 2 ....
We hit breakfast in the morning where mom and dad ate breakfast with all the kids and us kids ate at a table by ourselves....I think my sister was in heaven! We then caught the monorail over to Disneyland and partied most of the day between there and California Adventures. My family constantly has us laughing. I don't think there is ever a dull moment.

The whole family on the good old Monorail!

We were talked into going on the lamest ride at Disneyland....freakin Autopia. I'm not wasting my time ever going on that again. It's not that we haven't done it before but we all decided it gets more lame every year.

Of course we all love standing in lines for the KID rides. No lines at any of the big rides, just the lame ones....oh well it's good family memories.

...and I had to post this picture because Kurt always says I have a huge pout lip...which I can admit, but seriously.....look at his retarded one!!

Day 3 ....
Another fun filled day between both the parks. We hit up Screamin, Tower of Terror, and the new Toy Story ride again. It was quite the competition to see who could get the best score on Toy Story or if anyone could beat the high score of the month, which was ridiculously high! And some of us joined in on dads "so called games" which are secret.

Day 4 ....
This year we found the train at Disneyland. I'll admit I've been to Disneyland my share of times and I've never ridden the train. You know the one that picks you up right on main street and then makes its way around the park?? Ok I didn't either! I had seen it a million times up at the station on Main Street, but had no idea it dropped you off random places around the park, let alone took you through the Grand Canyon and a Dinosaur exhibit. So here we all are on the train ride.

Day 5 ....
I always hate when trips come to an end, but we were excited to get back to Ethan. I can't wait to bring him here one day. He will love it. Until there are no diapers....we are on hold! And until that time it's so nice to just be with my hubby!! It's always a blast to be with my family too. I look forward to our family vacations! Thank you again mom and dad, you are the best!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Helmet

Why do I ever buy toys!?? Is it just boys that find interest in other things besides toys? Ethan loves phones, cups, baskets, whatever he can get his hands on. I guess I shouldn't say that he doesn't like toys, because in all reality he does play with a lot of his toys, but it always cracks me up when he finds a BIG person thing to play with. Lately he's been running around with this on his head. It can only remind me of one thing....MY BROTHER! See my brother has always joked that he wants a helmet, and not too long ago he sent us all a funny e-mail stating he had found the helmet he had wanted since childhood...The PlaySkool Helmet Heroes. So here is a shout out to my's not quite like the helmet you always wanted, but Ethan has found one that you might like too!