Monday, July 30, 2012

Fun in July

July has been a fun crazy month. With PreSchool ending the end of May I feel like Ethan is bored more often. Luckily school starts this week for him! Here are a few things we've been doing this past month.

We went to Tepanyaki for my dad's birthday and Reese loved the chopsticks.
Been playing in the backyard little pool with friends.
Went to go see BRAVE with Preston and Evan.
Went swimming with my friend Jen and her boys. I love the goggle ears...I couldn't help but snap a picture of the awesomeness of their folded up ears.
Took swimming lessons for a week.
Went swimming with Bree at their community pool.
My mom and I went swimsuit shopping and Ethan stayed and swam with my sister. He ended up staying with my dad until my mom and I got back. Since I didn't leave him any clothes to change into Grandpa rigged up some awesome shorts and bungee cord for a belt. Love my dad!
Got to visit with some cousins from Arizona.
Had many attitude moments.
Tested out the new slip n' slide with another neighbor friend.
 Got to meet Ethan's new Kindergarten teacher and do his assessment test.
 Got into things we weren't supposed to!
And spent some more time at the lake. This little one of mine is going to be my dare devil. She is constantly wanting to get in the water and jump to Kurt. Hopefully she stays that way!
Goodbye July...Hello August.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Bear Lake

Living in Utah, it's a must to spend some time at the bluest lake around...Bear Lake. Definitely not the calmest lake, but the prettiest. We usually go up for a weekend with some extended family, but this year it was just me and my fam that headed up. I found an awesome place through Bear Lake Lodging that housed up to 24 people so we snagged it and decided to party! We headed up Friday morning and spent Friday and Saturday at the beach. It was so fun being with my family all together again and a great way to spend my Birthday. Here is a little picture over load. I'll spare the ones of my mom wearing her Japanese visor. (She claims they really wear them in Japan....I think she's full of it. Maybe when I feel like blackmailing her I'll stick it on here.)

We spent most of our time on the lake.
We taught my niece Paige how to wakeboard and water ski...
We Wakeboarded and did the Air Chair...
And spent lots of time in the tube.
We packed lunches and chilled at the beach...
My kids crashed hard every time we drove back to the marina to trailer the boat. Ethan even fell asleep trying to drive the boat the second day.
 And every night after a yummy dinner and shakes we would chill at the house.
We had a blast and had so much fun being with family! Thanks familia for appeasing us and our boating trip!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

4th of July Happenings

Our 4th of July partying started on Monday. Kurt took Monday and Tuesday off so we headed to East Canyon to spend some time with his family. We boated both days and had fun hanging out with the family. 
Ethan LOVES his ski now. Last year we couldn't get him to ride it very long, let a lone stand up. Now he's riding it across the whole lake. He even jumped in and swam around this trip. I'm glad to see him loving it more and more. He's always been a fish in my parents pool but when it comes to the lake he gets nervous, probably because of how cold and dark it is. 
 Kurt and I were able to slalom together, but then I left it up to the real pro....
We have mastered the surfing. I love it! It's one of my new favorite things. It doesn't require a lot on the body and is so much fun.
We ended the trip Tuesday night with Kaylie (our niece) running into the condo yelling, "EMERGENCY EMERGENCY!" Then in walked Ethan screaming with blood EVERYWHERE. Kurt and I instantly jumped up and ran to the sink to try and find where the bleeding was coming from. Apparently he went down a big dirt hill on his bike and hit a rock which sent him flying off his bike. I'm grateful he had his helmet on or else we definitely would have been in the E.R. One of his teeth went through his lip pretty deep. We worries about stitches but know that they normally don't do stitches unless it's almost through. We decided to wait it out. Now he's got this pretty lip to show for his fall. Not to mention a bruised sided, bloodied fingers, and scratches all over. It could have been much worse if it weren't for his helmet! 
On Wednesday we headed over to my parents for a swim and BBQ with the fam. It felt just like old times having my parents back with us and playing with the kids in the pool. 
Later that night we went over to our neighbors for a few fireworks! It was a fun filled 4th of July week for us. It was strange having it in the middle of the week! I always love the holidays and spending time with the family. Doesn't get better then that.