Monday, April 16, 2012

Simply LOVE

I love this picture of my two crazies! It's times like these that just make me smile and realize how great it is to be a mom.
Also I wanted to give a shout out for my mother in laws cute little Etsy store. It's called Sew So Cutie and she makes super cute stuff. I can't complain that Reese and Ethan get to benefit from what she makes! Check out her store! Here are two cute skirts she just did and if you saw Reese's cute Easter dress that was another cute one. Go take a look!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Fun

We love Easter time! To start off our Easter fun we had our annual neighborhood Easter Egg hunt at the park. Thank goodness for phone camera's when your real camera dies.

We dyed our Easter eggs Saturday night
The bunny found his way to our home sometime in the night leaving eggs hidden all around the house. This year he hid the baskets much harder so that Ethan didn't have his own little Easter by you might remember last year.
We also had Ethan sit down in the morning and watch a little bit of The Lamb of God. That movie always touches me and I think it is a great representation of why we celebrate Easter. He actually sat and watched it, which surprised me. We lounged the rest of the afternoon, I slaved away to make some dessert, and then we got all prettied up to go to church
After church we went to Grandpa Russ's and Grandma Lynette's for some dinner and another egg hunt.
It was a great Easter! Great meaning to celebrate and always fun to be with family!

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Our Weekend

Thursday was Ethan's fifth birthday! He was so excited to open his presents in the morning and continually thanked me all day long for his presents.
Later that night we went to Planet Play to have pizza and play games. He was in heaven and was especially excited about the stuffed animal snake that he got to bring home. I was also informed throughout the day that five year olds are:
*Braver because they are five.
*Can run WAY faster...proceeded by him running from our front door to the back of the house as fast as he could.
*Don't cry because they aren't babies. (I'm still waiting for this one to become true)
And I'm sure throughout the next week there will be more things that five year olds can do.
Friday Ethan and I went to Kindergarten Orientation. It's weird to think that he's going to be gone to school every day. He had fun and got to visit different places through out the school. After that Kurt and I headed to Desert Star. It was another great play. I've been impressed with the two this year so far and most of all I love knowing that we have a date night with just the two of us.
Then yesterday with the record breaking 80 degrees we decided to go take the boat out and make sure everything was running as it should. It was a beautiful day and I was SO tempted to get in but the water was FREEZING and I just couldn't do it. Everything went good despite Kurt not hooking one of the pipes back up and letting the engine almost fill with water. So after pulling off of the lake a few times to change oil and fix the pipe, we were good. The boat was awesome and now I can't wait to get out on the water.
Later that night the boys all went to Priesthood and us girls decided to make a wreath we had seen on Pintrest! It turned out pretty cute.
And today we've enjoyed more great sessions from conference (while playing with marbles)! I love hearing from the leaders of our church. They are so inspiring. I feel so blessed to have the Gospel in my life.