Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Remembering those who have went before us!

For Memorial Day this year we went and visited my Grandparents, two cousins, and my Uncles graves. My parents weren't here to do it, and to be honest, we haven't been very good about visiting graves on Memorial Day, so this year my siblings all thought it would be a good idea to go! We picked up flowers and headed out in the cold weather! (Seriously...is it really almost June and we haven't broke 80?) We first went to my sweet Grandma Audrey and Grandpa Glen's graves. It's crazy to think that they've been gone for 4 and 5 years. It feels like yesterday that we were having all of our Margetts' family parties at their house. I'm sad that Kurt never really got to know my Grandma and that my kids never got to know either of them. Ethan was just a baby when my Gramps passed! Right next to their graves are my two cousins. I don't know how my aunt and uncle were able to bury two children within three years! I am so grateful that they are all together and knowing my Grandma, she's probably having lots of parties in Heaven. While we were there I was also able to visit a sweet friend of mine who passed away ten years ago! She was only 17. It was fun to reminisce of our fun times growing up and craziness in high school! She was too young to go!
...and can this picture describe every one of these kids better. Of course Ethan was throwing a tantrum about having to smile in the picture because it "take a LONG LONG time!" Preston is just chillin, and everyone else is looking at Ethan to see why he is yelling! Oh how I love my four year old!
We then headed to Riverton where the freshness of my Uncles passing still lingers. His grave looked beautiful with all of the flowers! We were able to joke and laugh and remember the fun times with my sweet Uncle Craigy! It looked beautiful! I love looking around at the cemeteries on Memorial day and see all the beautiful flowers and just remember all those that have went before us! I sure miss all of those in my family that have passed (there are more we didn't make it to visit) but am SO grateful for the knowledge of eternal life and that families can be forever!
After visiting the graves we went for some pizza. Then that night we headed to Russ & Lynettes for a BBQ! Of course my camera stayed in my diaper bag on the counter, which did a lot of good! No pictures this year!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Preschool Program

Ethan had his preschool end of year program this past Thursday! It was supposed to be a program and picnic in the park but with this awesome weather we've been having we huddled in a freezing cold pavilion. They had a cute little program where they showed us what they learned, sang some songs, and then got a cute little picture book from their teachers! I'm SO glad he had preschool this year. I think it's helped him a ton and it gave him something to do and look forward to. This fall he starts his second year going three days a week!
We are proud of you buddy!

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Mother's Day

I love Mother's Day! The sugar cookies, donuts, and meals made for me, and kids taken care of. There is just that specialness in the air! Sunday was a great day for me! I missed having my sweet mom here...but at this time next year she will only have two more months left and then they will be HOME! Woo Hoo! I have the best mom and I hope one day I might be half the mom she has been and still is for me! She is amazing in my eyes! Those missionaries are so lucky to have my mom! I also have an amazing mother in law who I learn so much from and who raised an incredible son! I love you both so much!!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

7 Years

On Friday (May 6th) Kurt and I celebrated our seventh year anniversary!! Isn't this the year they say you get the itch?? I hope we make it! j/k. We decided to head up to the Alaskan Inn right at the mouth of Ogden Canyon for a quick little get away! We've stayed here before and we love this little place. I took my camera with full intentions to get pictures and didn't take one. We had dinner at the Timbermine, went to see Fast Five, went shopping at the mall, and Saturday morning went on a trail with our bikes. It was so nice to be out as late as we wanted and most of all...to enjoy dinner and each other with NO kids! I'm so happy I married this man of mine! He makes me smile and laugh every day! He balances out my seriousness and my worrisomeness (is that a word?). I can't believe it's been seven years! Can't wait for all the rest! Love you babe!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Stats...

We went to the doctor yesterday to do check ups on both the kiddos. Ethan looks good. Just an actual check up on him this year. They offered to do his kindergarten shots, so we did! You would have thought my poor boy was being murdered! It was so sad! He made it through the three shots and limped all day, but in the end he lived!! Here are his stats:
Weight: 39lbs. 75%
Height: 48 in. 60%
Reese only had to have her heel pricked, so it was an easy day for her! She is doing great at nine months and growing like a horse. She has also started crawling in the last two weeks. She gets wherever she wants to go now! She loves to yell and have us yell back, say da da, eat everything in sight, smiles with her big dimples...especially at her brother, loves her baths, is getting a little stranger anxiety, but for the most part is a happy happy baby! Here are her stats:
Weight: 18lbs. 40%
Height: 27.4 in. 50%
Head: 70%
I love these two little kids of mine! They make me smile and laugh every day! Ethan seems to be getting older and older, especially as he starts to pick up random words like, "certainly mom," and "sure thing!" (I have no idea where he got those...Kurt and I don't say them). Reese loves when Ethan is around...I think she loves him more then the two of us! Every day is a new adventure with these two! I love my little family.