Sunday, November 4, 2012

Our Crazy October

Ok it really is official....I am a SLACKER! November is my new month to get back with it and start blogging more. October was a fun yet busy month. Here is a recap of what we've been up to.

We went costume hunting.... (Reese's was ordered online so she became another Captain America)
 I canned some salsa.
 Made caramel apples.
Went to Hawaii for a week. (Pictures to come in another post or two.)

Ethan had Spirit Week at school. We didn't get the memo so we missed crazy hair day, but did Cowboy day....
and Rockstar Day.... (we didn't get the full affect since it was a quick shot rushing into the school.) He had star glasses, leather bands, and chains that weren't on.
Went to Jack's birthday party.
Lost another tooth.
Went to the pumpkin patch to pick pumpkins.
Carved ONE (yes we are lame) pumpkin. Ethan was super excited to carve it until Kurt told him he needed to clean it out. 
 After failing to convince him to stick his hands in the pumpkin ...
 I put ONE seed on his chest to which I got a complete freak out.
 After calming down he finally realized it wasn't hurting him and cleaned out the rest of his pumpkin. Am I the meanest mom?
 The finished product.
Went to see Thriller. I never get sick of this show.
And finally celebrated Halloween with our two Super Heroes...Captain America and Wonder Woman.
Saw some of our cousins,
 and went trick or treating with friends.
Hope you all had a Happy Halloween!

Monday, October 8, 2012

The Big 3.0.

Kurt turned 30 this past Wednesday (October 3rd). I wanted to do something a little different than in years I got a few friends to meet at The Pizza Factory and surprise him. I also put together a basket of 30 things that he loves! 
 The surprise....
 He was a good sport and wore his birthday bling.
 Singing Happy Birthday.
 The group...minus a few who couldn't make it!
I love you my 30 year old stud!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Margetts Family Pictures

We finally got an updated family picture after three years. Thanks Mindy for doing such a great job!
 The grand kids...
 My cute parents...
Love my family!

Friday, October 5, 2012

The end of September....

We went for one last hoo rah on the lake a couple of weekends ago. It was FREEZING, but that didn't stop us. You can't complain when no one is on the lake and the water is glass. We took advantage of the water and brought coats and blankets to keep us warm.
 I'm glad he knows how to fix anything! I love that he's so handy! The fuses blew on the ballast bags, so he made his own so that we could fill them to surf.
We went for an eye check up on Ethan's eyes. We went about four months ago and saw a new Doctor (Our old Doc got a new job opportunity in a different state...we were so sad when he left). The new Doc measured a little more crossing then the old Doc, so she wanted to see us again four months here we are. His eyes looked great this time and he's using them well. There is a slight cross when he looks certain directions but to do another surgery would just put us at risk of messing up what the previous three surgeries did. So for now we will go twice a year and make sure he continues to use them both! My sweet boy has come a long way with his eyes and he is growing up so much!

 These two have a love/hate relationship. I'm sure all siblings do, but this was a LOVE moment. She wanted a goodbye kiss as we dropped him off at school. I LOVE it!
 And we finally got use out of our Alpine Coaster tickets. We spent last weekend in Midway with my parents and decided to meet my brother and his family to finally go down. The kids loved it, the weather was beautiful, and the colors in the mountains are amazing.
Goodbye September...hello October!

Neighborhood Block Party

I do have to say that we have the BEST neighborhood. We do so many fun things! This year was no exception. The Oliverson's threw the annual Neighborhood Block Party complete with a mechanical bull. 
We did have to sign waiver's just to ride this sweet thing....
There was tug of wars, great food, and best of all...great company! A big thanks to Joce and Andy for throwing another AWESOME party!