Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Weekend

We had a great Thanksgiving this year. We started out by putting up lights...

then got ready and headed to Kurt's grandma's club house for an awesome Thanksgiving lunch with the entire extended family. Here we are ready to head over for some grub.

Then Friday we slept in some more....yes we avoided all the crazies out at MIDNIGHT - 5:00 A.M. (I shouldn't say crazies since I myself have went ONE time, and the hubster actually grew up doing black my in-laws are pretty passionate about it...I love the stories). We did however hit up some stores around 9:30 and got some Christmas shopping taken care of. Then we set up all of our Christmas decorations while blasting Jewel's Christmas album on the ipod.

Lastly I enjoyed watching my COUGS take a win....and the Jazz kick some trash!! Hubster is quite disappointed about his Utes...but I was excited!! It's been a great weekend! Now back to the reality of Jordan Landing being so crazy that it takes an extra fifteen to twenty minutes just to get to Bangerter.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The New Time Out!

Apparently sitting in time out doesn't phase Ethan anymore. Maybe it's because he puts himself there more then I do. So the new solution....NOSE ON THE WALL! So far it's worked...besides the banging on the wall with both hand and the yelling of "let me out!" Wish us luck!!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

We Survived!...or more like HE survived!

Yesterday was the infamous eye surgery! Everything went great! The doc said that surgery went fast and that he was amazed how well his eye muscles had healed from the last surgery. He said it was almost as working on a fresh new muscle. We are keeping our fingers crossed that this was the last time. Coming out of anesthesia for Ethan is always a little emotional. He hates all the tubes, I.V's, monitors, he immediately started freaking out. It took all I had to console him, and with one wrong word it set him off again. Luckily he was thirsty and downed some apple juice so the time in post-op wasn't long at all. We checked in at 7:30, had surgery at 9:00, and pulled into the driveway at noon! It's always an emotionally and physically exhausting day the first day, but today seems like a new day! He is jumping around happy as ever. His eye drops are the only thing that throw off his day! Wish us luck to this being the LAST surgery!!
As you can tell his eye doesn't look to bad. Only one muscle on the outside was worked on. It's all red on the outer white area and a little swollen, but not too bad. It looked a lot worse last you can see below.