Monday, February 22, 2010

16 weeks...the bump

The bump has arrived. Why is it so anticipated on your first and then you do anything to postpone it on your 2nd?? Well it is here, my clothes are starting to get tight, I have to go to the bathroom a lot, and I look like that in between stage when you are too afraid to ask if I'm pregnant or just fat!! Awww the joys of pregnancy! Ok even though these thoughts are all true, I am so grateful to be pregnant and can't wait to meet this little one.

On another fun note, Kurt and I were able to attend a auction/dinner put on by the Boys and Girls Club. Kurt's work buys a table so a few couples from his work were able to attend. It was actually a fun night where we got to dress up and go check out a silent auction and live auction to help the club.

Friday, February 19, 2010

The Surfer Room

Well we finally made the transition from the crib to a big boy bed. It's been about a month now and so far it's a success. I was a little nervous since we were moving him not only to a big boy bed, but also to a new room downstairs. Luckily he thinks it's the coolest thing ever.

Awhile ago my friend Nikki Luthi posted her cute little boys room, and I loved the surfboard in she had in his room. So from that I decided to decorate Ethan's room in a surfer/beach motif. I found lots of things on the internet and then threw them all together. There are still a few things I want to add, but they will have to wait. At least for now he loves it. I guess we can all be happy!!

So Mom, here are the pictures you've been asking for:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Our Valentine Weekend

Good old Valentines! I do have to say I was spoiled by my hubster! We had Desert Start tickets on Saturday night, so we hit that up along with what was supposed to be our traditional run to Braza Grill, but with the hour and a half wait we decided to bail and hit Mimi's instead. Then I was spoiled with this.....
A Kindle!!! I LOVE to read! I had mentioned this to Kurt a little while ago, thinking it might be a good birthday gift, but to my surprise he remembered what I had babbled about and surprised me with it! I love it!!! For those of you who are can download books to it and read. So instead of carrying around all your books it's all downloaded right to this little gadget. Plus books are much cheaper to buy then to actually buy the real book. I love it and was so excited.

And some even more exciting news....this one was VERY spontaneous. In fact I had just had a conversation with my in-laws about not getting a new I'm eating my words!! Goodbye my dear old RED and hello to my Mazda CX-9.

Kurt has been having his two year itch of cars....(just kidding) he really has been wanting to get rid of the explorer ever since it started getting super crappy gas mileage. We initially traded in my white V6 explorer when we got the new boat so that we had a V8 to pull it with. A couple of months later my car loving husband sold his mustang and bought a truck, so no need for my gas sucking car!! The past couple of months Kurt has been trying to get me to test drive the CX-9 and yesterday I finally caved!! I love how it drives, it has a third row, it only had 7,000 miles on it, and it's decked out in black leather, along with some fun bells and whistles. So here's to me driving in my new ride!! Valentines was good!! Thank you my lover!!!