Thursday, December 30, 2010


This Christmas was so much FUN! It made it magical again watching it though the eyes of Ethan! We were able to start some of the fun traditions Kurt and I did as kids now that he is old enough! We started a new tradition of our very own (and probably lots of other people)....Johnny the elf! He came all the way from Santa and watched Ethan throughout the month of December. Then every night he was off o see Santa to let him know if Ethan was bad or good. Is there some kind of doll that could watch him ALL year long? It helped MOST of the time.
We left Santa cookies that night and then off to bed we all went! At 7:30 that morning Ethan threw open our door and said, "He came & he brought me LOTS of presents!" So we crawled out of bed and headed downstairs to see what he got! He was so excited that I didn't even get a traditional stair picture!
We had a great Christmas and we were spoiled! We had the whole morning to chill and let Ethan play with his toys! He stayed downstairs for most of the morning and only came up when we would call him to eat! That afternoon we headed to my sisters to spend time with my fam, talk to my parents, and exchange gifts! Then it was off to Kurt's families to eat some grub, visit, and exchange gifts. We were spoiled more by everyone!!
It was a fun Christmas and I love spending time with both families. It's been fun starting new and continuing old traditions with my own little family! I'm also excited that only one more Christmas and my mom and dad will be home! It was also fun to see Ethan recognize the story of our Savior!! In light of everything that has happened this past year with some deaths in our family, it's sure nice to have a true testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I'm so very blessed in my life and am so grateful for my Savior and to know that this life has meaning! We hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Eve Lunch

This year our traditional Christmas Eve lunch was at Training Table! Us adults had our own table and the kids each sat by us at different tables. I Can't complain having a nice peaceful lunch! I love my siblings and their families. We all get along great and can laugh and joke about anything! I'm so grateful for my wonderful family! I look forward to our lunch every year! Thanks for appeasing me and carrying on the tradition!!

Sunday, December 26, 2010

One Crazy week!

This past week was filled with something each night! I didn't get pictures of each thing, but we had three family parties and a preschool program. On Monday night we started with the Margetts Family party! My aunt and uncle rented a blow up jump house and it was a huge hit! I didn't see Ethan for the entire night...that is until the presents came out! We had a yummy dinner and then a gift exchange. It was so much fun to get together with this side of the family! We used to get together all the time, but since the passing of my grandparents a few years back we don't seem to get together as often.
My dad's three brothers and their wives with the dolls they sent them from Japan.
Tuesday night was Ethan's preschool program! It was the most hilarious thing I have been to in a long time! He was so proud sitting up on stage singing all of his songs! He did a good job and knew most of the songs. We got it all on camera but I'm new to downloading video clips, so that will have to come later. Until then here are a few pictures from the program.
The best of friends and worst enemies...depends on the day!
Grandpa Russ & Grandma Lynette came to watch
Preston & Ethan with their teachers who they LOVE! (guess they can't help it since it's my aunt and cousin!)
Thursday night was the Jenkins family party and Friday night was the Ashby family party! I took my camera to both and forgot to pull it out! Even with how crazy this time of year gets, it's still so much fun to see everyone and catch up!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Lights...

It's tradition to go see the lights at Temple Square with Kurt's family each year! This past Sunday we headed to see them. We thought we might have to brave the rain/snow but it stopped raining long enough to enjoy the lights and then started back up as we were walking back to our cars! We were all bundled up nice and warm and walked all around. I love going to Temple square each Christmas with all the beautiful just doesn't feel like Christmas if you don't go see them.
I can't believe it's the week of Christmas!! Can't wait to see Ethan's face on Christmas morning!

Monday, December 13, 2010

4 Month Pictures...

Here are some pictures Kurt's sis Mindy did of my sweet girl at four months. I LOVE how they turned out!! Love her personality in them!! Thanks so much Mindy.
I just can't resist those big eyes & fat cheeks!!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Blight Christmas Party

Now that it's December we had the annual Blight family Christmas party!! It's always fun to be with family...I just can't believe how many of us there are now! This Christmas party isn't complete without a visit from the Big Guy. Ethan was skeptical at first, but after some coaxing from Paige, he ran up there when his name was called.
and this is what he walked away with! (Thanks Grandma!)
And then it was Reese's turn! She wasn't too happy at first, but warmed up after a minute! She walked away with cute little cabbage patch babies!! (again thanks Grandma).
It was fun to be with my mom's side of the family to celebrate! Even though December is SO crazy, it's nice to remember how important family is!! One family party down...three more to go!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

4 Months!

Well little Miss Reese turned the big four months on the 1st of this month! She is a little tiny peanut. Looking at her with those HUGE ole' cheeks you would think she was chunky...but not when you pick her up! The stats from the doc:
Height: 25% -23.5 in.
Weight : 5% -10lb 12 oz
Head: 25%
We have now moved her on to some other medication to hopefully help her gain some weight. All the formula she is throwing up could help her gain some major weight. The medication helps move the food from her stomach to her intestines not a lot is in her stomach for her to throw up. I've actually seen a little bit of improvement these past few days, so lets hope it works!

She has been such a fun and easy baby! She is constantly smiling and is so happy! She has always been a great sleeper for me (sleeping through the night at 5 weeks), loves to coo and jabber, started rolling from her tummy to her back, holds her bottle when she's not lazy, loves watching her bother. and loves to be held by anyone. She can throw the biggest tantrum I've ever seen when she wants to eat. Hopefully I don't have a drama queen one my hands! We just recently started cereal and fruits and veggies. She still doesn't care for them but hopefully soon she will like them and they can help her chunk up! We sure love her and her fat smile!