Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Somewhere in the midst of all these snow storms Ethan and Kurt made a mini size snowman!
and there was only a little drama when one of his eyes blew away!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


This Thanksgiving was supposed to be down in sunny St. George, but due to the DEADLY blizzard that the news was forecasting, we decided to stay here and hang out without the drive. We do every other year with our families, so this Thanksgiving was with mine! We started out with some yummy dinner Wednesday night at Tepanyaki....
Thursday was followed with a delicious Thanksgiving dinner at my sisters house! Alaina provided lots of activities for the kids to do to keep them busy, Kristin had all the boys sleep over the night before and prepared the turkey, and me...well I didn't do much of anything! I did help with the potatoes and stuffing..that was my assignment.
Then to end it with a bang we took all the kids to see Tangled on Friday afternoon. We did a stop by chick-fil-a for some lunch, and then off to the movie! So cute!!
I love the easiness of Thanksgiving. I love being with family and just being able to relax and enjoy! It's so much fun to be with my siblings and their families! I have an amazing family!! So grateful to be a part of it!! And only one more thanksgiving without my parents! Woo hoo~

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Family Night Bowling

Last week my sister called and told us to come to FatCats for some family time bowling! My bro and his wife couldn't make it due to prior engagements, but that didn't stop us. I was craving some Pizza Factory Pizza and a chance to kick some butt at bowling! (It's rare when I can get Kurt out to bowl...partly because he doesn't care for it and I believe the other part is because I kick his TRASH!!!) Ethan had a blast bowling and had to give high fives and scream every time he knocked down a pin! I love doing things like this as he gets older and enjoys it so much more! So here are a few pictures from the night!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Update on the EYES

Wow I'm slacking on my blog. At the beginning of this month we had our check up once again with Dr. Larson for Ethan's eyes! It's good news!! His eyes look great! No crossing, no laziness, and he is using both eyes together! They tested him with 3D glasses and he was able to pick out the pictures that were 3D, indicating that he is using both eyes at the same time. (Our issues in months past have been that he would just use one eye at a time). So now that he has binocular vision instead of monocular vision we will wait 6 months to see the doc again!! It's been a long process but I think we are finally looking good. Hopefully he won't relapse and get lazy with either eye. I guess that is why we will probably have yearly check up throughout his childhood! Yay for wonderful doctors!!!