Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Birthday Festives

On Sunday night we had all of our family over for a little party for Ethan! I know, "worst mother of the year" award goes to me for not throwing a party with his little friends...I plan on doing it next year! He had to let everyone know that his cake was BOLT! He came to the store and looked through the magazine until he found just what he wanted! Thanks everyone for all the gifts he loved everything!
Reese was mesmerized by the balloons!
Yesterday morning we made chocolate chip pancakes...his fav, and then got ready for a fun day at Pre-school. While getting ready he took some phone calls from family. He thought he was the cream of the crop for the day with everyone calling for him and singing to only him!
He was so excited to "keep smiling" while I worked to get Reese to just look at me! I laughed at at all the funny pictures I got! I love that kid and his silly grin!
For pre-school we signed up to bring treats for the class so Ethan was excited to bring his M&M cookies! We got a picture with his teachers and mom and then it was mom's time to pick up a few more things while he had a fun day at school!
Then last night Ethan picked where he wanted to go to dinner and an activity that we could go do. We've trained our boy well cause we headed to Cafe Rio for dinner! No complaints from mom and dad. Then it was off to Hollywood Connections for some mini golf. He ended up loving the rides more then golf, so we rode rides over and over (seriously what's with them loving the ghetto rides) and then Kurt did a few holes with him on the course.
Baby girl just hung out most of the time!
My dad will be proud of his grandson for this awesome grip on the club!
Ethan said it was an AWESOME day! I love that little boy of mine and can't believe that he's been in our family for FOUR years! Feels like yesterday I was trying to get him here!! Happy Birthday stinky pants! We sure love you!

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Finally Four!

My sweet/crazy boy finally made it to the big 4. He has been counting down all month to his birthday! I love this little guy, his craziness too! He makes my life fun and has me laughing most of the time. All but the moments where I want to rip out my hair because of him! He is such a sweet boy when he wants to be and is my little buddy all through out the day! Happy Birthday my big boy!! We love you SO SO much!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Night Skiing

My lover and I hit the slopes at Brighton's night skiing on Friday night!! Can't pass up a buy one get one free and fun date night!! Only a few more weeks left of skiing, better get in as many as we can!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The Leprechaun Hunt

Last year our friend Nickie did a leprechaun hunt. The kids in the neighborhood found clues all around the neighborhood that the sneaky little leprechaun had left. We weren't able to be there last year but thanks to Dallas and Amanda the tradition was kept alive. Ethan was nothing but smiles for this. They ran the neighborhood and ended up at the Oliverson's where the leprechaun had left a whole lot of fun stuff all over the yard to collect!
Sadly baby girl had one of her crazy not breathing episodes that scared me pretty bad. Normally I can get her to calm down and start sucking her binki, but this time she wouldn't calm down and sounded like she couldn't get the gunk down her throat. She started breaking out in a rash around her face and her poor little eyes got all puffy! I'm still not quite sure what happened, but after about 15 minutes she finally calmed down and we were able to go for a walk while the hunt went on! Here she is looking almost 100% better, but those little eyes were so sensitive to the sun that we had to keep her hidden! I was hoping that we were past the not breathing thing, hopefully this was just a fluke! I don't want anymore ambulance rides to the hospital...way too scary!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Happy St. Patricks Day!

I have sucked at blogging lately...I promise to get better! But at least today is St. Patty's Day! And my attempt for a smile from Ethan didn't work.
I hope you are wearing GREEN!