Monday, October 8, 2012

The Big 3.0.

Kurt turned 30 this past Wednesday (October 3rd). I wanted to do something a little different than in years I got a few friends to meet at The Pizza Factory and surprise him. I also put together a basket of 30 things that he loves! 
 The surprise....
 He was a good sport and wore his birthday bling.
 Singing Happy Birthday.
 The group...minus a few who couldn't make it!
I love you my 30 year old stud!



What a CUTE basket idea!! I love that you bought a container that was REALLY for you!! :)
HAPPY {3-0} Kurt!!
Looks like it was a memorable Birthday!

Little Beachs said...

Were awesome friends... Not! I didnt know it was his birthday!! goodness!
Hope you guys had a blast and that basket look like its full of heaven!

Walter Family said...

Happy (belated) Birthday, Kurt!! What a fun surprise! I love the basket of 30 of his favorite things! So cute!!